Equipment Technologies Service
RTS Engineering has consistently been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification
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Professional service assures customers with:
  • maintenance of full range equipment using recommended methods and periods;
  • maintaining operability of equipment in accordance with technical data;
  • ast arrival of an engineer for elimination a breakage which can appear during operational process;
  • periodical technical inspection of equipment for the purpose of to prevent possible breakages;
  • avoiding of possible equipment stops appeared due to violation of operation rules;
  • training of newly hired stuff;
  • continuous technical support.
Basing on our experience we can assure that equipment will work reliable and very long time on conditions that:
  • installation and setup of equipment was carried out by qualified engineers;
  • equipment is using in accordance with technical documentation of the producer;
  • equipment is served regularly by trained and qualified personnel in accordance with producers technology.
We well help you to prevent:
  • unexpected breakages of equipment;
  • premature failure of expensive parts and units;
  • irreversible equipment failures;
  • performance degradation of equipment;
  • service life decreasing of equipment;
  • stoppage of equipment due to unexpected breakages;
  • carrying out of expensive examining works for the purpose of finding cause of a breakage.
We will be glad to help you to maintain stable operability of your equipment. Do not entrust a service of your equipment to unqualified personnel! Skilled servicing of equipment requires special trained personal, special expensive tools and devices. Our specialists were trained at factories of origin of equipment and have certificates of competence. They are in constant contact with designers and service departments of manufacturing works.
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